Jasmin Muscat Monsigneur

Tutor with Children on the Autistic Spectrum

”After doing the standard MHFA course, I felt that I gained applicable knowledge and skills in dealing with a spectrum of mental health issues and related crises. I highly recommend this course as it challenges the conventional myths surrounding mental health and adequately equips the person with the necessary first aid skills to deal with everyday life situations even at the workplace.”

Antoine Borg Micallef

Hospitality Coordinator at Valletta 2018

“The Mental Health First Aid Course was an invaluable experience that has provided me with key insights into several types of mental health issues that have become more prominent in Malta. Despite the fact that one would assume that this course is targeted towards professionals in the field of healthcare, it has numerous applications in everyday life – so it is paramount that everyone and anyone attends it.”

Suzanne Garcia Imbernon

Task Manager Office of the Commissioner for Children

”I highly recommend the mental health first aid course delivered by the Richmond Foundation. I have found it very useful both professionally and personally. The course is very eye opening and has given me so much more insight regarding mental health..”

Angie Caruana

Coordinator Children's Activities Hub

”Doing the Mental Health First Aid course was a great experience for me. Exceptional! I personally found the course very informative and inspiring. Sessions are fully explained and the trainer managed to create a caring and safe-space to discuss the subject. The area of mental health is very close to my heart as 14 years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD. Support and understanding from the people around me were key factors to my mental wellbeing.”